Adorable Personalized Easter Pajamas for Kids
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Adorable Personalized Easter Pajamas for Kids

I received Chasing Fireflies items for the purpose of this review, no other form of compensation was provided to me. Thoughts are my own. 

If you have been following my blog for awhile you know about my love for Holiday Pajamas for kids!  You also know that my favorite place to get our holiday pj’s is Chasing Fireflies.  I am extra excited to share with you our Easter pajamas this year because we not only have one cutie wearing them, we now have two!

Adorable Easter Pajamas for Kids

Chasing Fireflies has hit another home run this year with their adorable Easter Collection for kids.  They have everything for your little Easter bunny including personalized bunnies and gifts to fill their Easter baskets to gorgeous dresses, suits,  accessories and more.  I wanted to get the kids matching pajamas so I decided on the Personalized Pink and Blue Bunny Tail Pj’s .   I could not resist the cute little bunny tail that is on the back  of the pj’s making the back just as cute as the front.  I also love the adorable bunny graphic on the top and that I could personalize the pajamas with their names going down the left pant leg.  To top off the look, I also got them a pair of bunny ears.  I mean seriously, can they get any cuter?!

Adorable Easter Pajamas for Kids

I ordered the baby size 6 months since she will be 4 months at Easter time.  I wanted them a little bit bigger so they will fit her now and so that she will be able to wear them throughout the summer.   I love how the girls pjs have the cute little scalloped sleeves making them more feminine than the straight sleeves on the boys pjs.   For B I ordered him a size 7.  They are a bit long, but he will be able to wear them for awhile and even maybe next Easter.  The pajamas are lightweight and super soft making them comfortable and cool for both of my bunnies.

Adorable Easter Pajamas for Kids

Chasing Fireflies is my go to place for high quality, beautiful products for kids.  When I want something special for my children or as a gift for a special loved one in our lives, Chasing Fireflies is the first place I go.

Adorable Easter Pajamas for Kids


Head to and while you are there make sure you join their mailing list to be the first to know about special sales, free shipping codes, and more!    Use code FNF14 right now to get 20% off any order!


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  1. You just reminded me that I need to check my calendar I have no idea when Easter is. These are so cute I love Easter I think I like the colors the most

  2. Oh stop! You had me at the bunny tail. Too flippin cute.

  3. These are absolutely adorable!! I want a pair for Davis!

  4. Omg. The tail. How adorable. Love Chasing Fireflies

  5. Those are the cutest jammies. I have never gotten my boys PJ’s for Easter before. What a cute idea.

  6. Those cotton tails are just beyond cute! They totally make the jammies worth buying. :)

  7. Chasing Fireflies is my WEAKNESS! I go crazy when I get their catalog in the mail because all of their stuff is personalized and unique. I bought my daughter’s birthday Valentine’s Day dress there and it was gorgeous.

  8. These Easter pj’s are way too cute! My youngest daughter already has her Easter pj’s she got from Crazy 8. I actually never heard of Chasing Fireflies store before.

  9. These holiday pajamas are just too cute! I love the bunny tail on the back of them.

  10. These are absolutely adorable, my daughter would love the little tail! I love Chasing Fireflies, they have such great stuff.

  11. AHHHHH!!!! The bunny tails…. so stinkin’ CUTE!

  12. The bunny tails are so precious! Oh, the cuteness! I wonder if my boys would wear these or if they would tell me they were too old. The five year old should at humor me with them!

  13. those are precious. I’d love them for my daughter.

  14. Those are adorable and they look so cute in them. Love the bunny tail ;)

  15. Oh my gosh! Those are adorable! I love the little tail on the bum.

  16. Oh my! Your kiddos are the absolute cutest things ever. How cute are those pajamas?

  17. Seriously, can your kiddo’s be any cuter?!?! Those pajama’s are darling!!!!!!

  18. How adorable are those? I just love the little bunny tail!

  19. Oh my goodness, those are just too cute. The cotton ball tail in the back is adorable. My boys are sadly too old for these now. :(

  20. Those pjs would look adorable on my precious niece. I love the tail on the back!

  21. Your kids are too cute! I love their jammies!!

  22. Oh Lolo, they are the cutest! I m in love with the little bunny tail on the back!

  23. Cute!! Cute!!! Cute!!!! I love the bunny tails!

  24. What cute pajamas!! I never thought of getting Easter PJs. I will go check them out!!

  25. Oh My! Can you say “cuteness overload?” Your kids are SO adorable but wearing those cute bunny pajamas is more than I can handle…LOL! Those are just way TOO cute!!

  26. The cutest bunnies in the bunch!! I just love how soft and comfortable the pjs look! I’m excited to use the coupon!!! Thanks for sharing.

  27. Those tails are so neat. You really do have two cute little bunnies.

  28. My Mom used to dress us in matching pjs for holidays. She would have loved these!

  29. Those pajamas are absolutely adorable! Wish they’d had something like that when my child was younger.

  30. Chasing Fireflies makes the most adorable clothing and pajamas. I usually get their catalog, but it’s nice to see some personalized photos of kids in their pjs.

  31. That bunny tail is too stinking cute! I love holiday pajamas too!

  32. I never would have thought about personalized Easter pajamas! I do love holiday pajamas (especially for Christmas!), so it seems only natural to also have a pair for the Easter bunny’s arrival. Great idea!

  33. Oh my gosh! HOW CUTE!!! I love it!!

  34. Oh my gosh! Look at those adorable costumes. I absolutely love the little bunny tail.

  35. How cute are those!! I just love the little cotton tails on them!

  36. My son is sick right now, so I’m beside him while he rests. I just showed him these and he laughed. Even sick, he likes them. :) Very unique, and very cool!

  37. Those pajamas are just toooo cute! I love that puff ball on the back!

  38. Oh my goodness how cute are they. I wish I could still get my kids in cute stuff like this.

  39. Those Easter Jammie’s are too cute! (And so are the kids!) I love those little bunny tails :-)

  40. Ashley M says:

    Oh my gosh I love the little tail on the butt. So cute!

  41. These are so stinking cute. I need to order some pronto for my little ones.

  42. Oh my gosh – that bunny pajama set for your little girl is SO FREAKIN’ ADORABLE.

  43. So cute! I would have been all over this when my daughter was younger!
    BTW, I found one of your pins on Pinterest! I made your easter egg antonyms for a program at work! How cool!

  44. Those are adorable! I love the fluffy bunny tails!

  45. I love the bunny tails! Those are just too adorable.

  46. These are too cute! My kids would kill me if I bought them this though, they have outgrown such cute ideas :-(

  47. Oh my goodness, how cute are those! I wish my son was younger so I could get a pair for him! :)

  48. OMG! Love!! I want some for my 4 kids. Although I don’t think the 8 yr old would appreciate the bunny tail.

  49. I never considered personalized pajamas for Easter, but I bet it would put a great finishing touch on morning basket discovery pictures! The added tail is too cute for words.

  50. Those are so cute! I love them. The bunny tail takes the cake!

  51. Oh my adorableness – and those tails! I do jammies for Christmas, but never thought to do them for Easter. My kids are going to love me forever! :P

  52. Aw, those are simply adorable!

  53. Those are adorable. She’s so cute in her bunnie outfit.

  54. Those are so cute! I wonder if it’s too late to order some for my boys!

  55. Oh my goodness, those jammies are too cute!!

  56. Now that is the cutest!! Love them

  57. Those are super adorable! What little cuties you have there.

  58. These Easter PJ’s are just so cute! The pics of the kids are so adorable!

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