Quest Bar - The Protein Bar Famous For What It Does Not Have
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Quest Bar – The Protein Bar Famous For What It Does Not Have

Quest Bar

It is that time of they year when everyone starts thinking about their diet and nutrition.  Although I have been working on eating healthier I definitely need all of the help I can get to help me keep those cravings away.  At 160-210 calories a bar, the Quest Bars do the trick.  It is so easy to grab the protein bar from the pantry instead of something that I should not eat.  And they are perfect for when I am running late in the morning and do not have time for breakfast.  I just grab a Quest Bar and go.

protein bars

What I love best about these bars is what they are missing.  The Quest Bar contains none of the following:

  • No Sugar Alcohols
  • No Added Sugar
  • No Soy Protein
  • No Glycerine
  • No Junk Ingredients
  • Plus they are Gluten Free!
all natural protein bars

There are also 100% All Natural Quest Bars that hane NO added sugar, artificial sweeteners, soy protein, glycerine, junk ingredients, and of course are gluten free.  Although I liked both the regular and the all natural protein bars,  I liked the taste of the regular bars more, they had less aftertaste.  The Apple Pie flavor was my absolute favorite.  I just popped it in the microwave for 15 seconds and it was like eating a warm apple pie cookie.  The protein is important when trying to lose weight because it takes your body longer to metabolize which means you burn calories.   And because they are packed with fiber, they are very filling helping me  stay away from eating higher calorie, less nutritious food.

Quest Bars are perfect for a quick healthy meal on the go or to refuel after a hard workout.

peanut butter cups

Quest also has Quest Craving Peanut Butter Cups to really help satisfy that sweet tooth.

Quest Cravings are as healthy as a protein bar and just as tasty as a forbidden confectionary treat. With over 20 grams of protein, 4 grams of active carbs and no added sugar, you can eat Cravings every single day. These are high protein products that are actually good for you.


Quest Bar


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Disclosure: I received a sample of the item above for the purpose of review.  No monetary compensation was provided to me.  Thoughts and opinions are my own.  This post contains affiliate links.
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  1. I love them! Can’t wait to try all the varieties! :) Awesome review!

  2. Interesting. I’m going to have to check them out.

  3. Love that they are free from added sugar. Definitely going to consider these once my sugar detox is over!

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  13. I’ve never heard of them before but I like that they don’t have any added sugar.

  14. gluten free is always good for us.

  15. You had me at no soy protein. Soy protein messes me up so bad hormonally!

  16. They look good, once I’m done with MediFast I will be needing something like this to stay on track.

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  25. Those look yummy!

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  27. I am a vegetarian and try to get extra protein…Thanks for introducing me
    to these bars!

  28. Krista Grandstaff says:

    I love that they are all natural…I hate when I grab something I think will be good for us, and flip it over only to read that it has artificial sweeteners, etc. in it!

  29. kelly nicholson says:

    i love these stuff…give me some!

  30. I have to check these out.

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