Special K Protein Effect Review #theproteineffect
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Special K Protein Effect Review #TheProteinEffect #Fitfluential

Special K the protein effect

Many of you know that I have been working on getting fit and healthy for my family.  During my weight loss journey I have learned that protein is important because it takes your body longer to metabolize which means you burn calories.  They also take longer to leave your stomach making you feel full longer.  This is very important for anyone trying to lose weight and one of the reasons why Special K has a new product line called Special K Protein Effect.

Special K protein effect


Special K The Protein Effect combines protein and fiber to really lay the smack down on hunger and help you feel full longer.  While giving these products a try I really noticed the difference especially in the morning.  As a working mom mornings are always hard for me.   For one reason or another I am always running late and do not have time for breakfast.   The Special K Protein Effect products really helped because they are perfect for on the go.  I grabbed a Special K Protein Shake and a piece of fruit for breakfast to drink/eat in the car on the way to work.  This was great because it helped me get breakfast, plus I was not starving by the time lunchtime rolled around.

Special K the protein effect

The Special K Protein Meal Bars are perfect for on the go too, and made a perfect snack.  They are crispy, crunchy and dipped into chocolate. I kept one in my purse for whenever I felt hungry.  This helped me stay away from foods that I shouldn’t eat while I am out, and also helped satisfy my hunger until meal time.

On the weekends I have more time to sit down and eat, so I tried the Special K Protein Cereal.   The Special K Protein Cereal has 10g of protein and 3g of fiber.  It was crunchy with a hint a sweetness and really did taste great.  Feeling satisfied longer was definitely an added bonus.  This cereal will definitely be added into my breakfast rotation.

Overall, I enjoyed the Special K Protein Effect products and thought they were perfect to help ward off hunger.  Of all of their protien products, I think the shake is my favorite.  It tasted great and was awesome for this on the go mom!

How do you outsmart hunger?

Disclosure: FitFluential LLC compensated me for this Campaign. All opinions are my own.
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  1. Protein is definitely my go to to keep hunger at bay.I haven’t tried the Special K ones..but I think I will now. Thanks!

  2. It’s SO true about protein (and fiber) filling you up! Since I began making sure I had significant amounts of protein in ALL meals, my meals fill me up and I feel the need to snack less often.

  3. We love Special K cereal. Haven’t heard of the Special K Effect till now. Neat! Thanks for sharing!

  4. How fun! I never tried Special K- it seems delicious though!

  5. I tend to rush around in the morning. I will have to try these.

  6. I love Special K bars! I don’t think their bars really help though. I find a handful of nuts and an apple go a long ways for me!

  7. we have those bars now, I always wondered about the shakes, I will have to try them!

  8. These really do look yummy!

  9. I love Special K cereals, and my daughter and I both eat their snack bars from time to time, they are so good!

  10. I outsmart hunger by drinking water beforehand to see if I am really hungry. If I am, I will drink a protein shake instead of reaching for junk food. It usually works.

  11. 10 grams of protein is a good deal–thanks for sharing–as a post gastric bypass patient–I’m always looking for things that are high in protein AND GREAT tasting!

  12. I love Special K, and had no idea they had Protein Meal Bars! Thank you for sharing, I will try to find them the next time I am at the store!

  13. I could do the bars, but not the shakes. I need to chew my calories LOL!

  14. Special K really makes a lot of different stuff now! Makes it easier on me, because I wasn’t a big fan of their original cereal. I’ve never tried the shakes though!

  15. I love that you don’t have to sacrifice fiber for protein or vice versa.

  16. I haven’t tried their protein shakes yet, but I drink several a day, so I need to try these. Thanks for the share

  17. Nice review. I like to have some high protein snacks on hand that are portable and healthy.

  18. Love Special K products! Welcome to FFA!

  19. Protein has def. helped me stay full and full of energy to do more activities, including a 2 mile walk each day with lil’ man in the stroller and then a gym trip each day.

  20. We use protein meal bars a lot when we travel. They fit perfectly in my carry on and I dont have to worry about eating bad airport food.

  21. Yum! Love all the new and improved Special K products. The protein plus cereal is my favorite. I had to go out and buy another box of it. Glad you’re enjoying everything too.

  22. yummy! I love special K . I used to live off of the strawberry cereal. I must try this!

  23. I love these products! They are soooo tasty. I agree, the bars are more fun for me than the shakes because I like chocolate chips :)

  24. I know that I need protein to lose weight – I know that. It’s just so difficult to get enough some days! I try to make smoothies and eat more lean meat, but all I end up doing is eating too much peanut butter :-/ I’m going to look into this cereal – thanks for the great review!

  25. I like the convenince of the Special K products, I don’t always buy them but it does help me stay on track when I do!

  26. The shakes are my favorite too!! Love that you paired it with fruit!!

  27. I know that protein helps me stay full longer, but I often have trouble getting it in, especially in the morning. I am definitely going to check out this new line from Special K!

  28. We regularly buy many of the products. Pretty tasty!

  29. I have had the Protein Plus cereal and it is pretty good.

  30. Haven’t tried the shakes yet, but they sound yummy!

  31. I need to try these!

  32. I really like the cereal.

  33. I’m glad to see you eating more protein, but as a natural food person I would suggest grabbing a hard boiled egg instead. But that is just me, and I by no means am pushing my beliefs on you. Good for you on the weight loss, that is wonderful.

  34. Karen Medlin says:

    I usually grab a piece of fruit, but after reading this, I think I will be adding a bit more protein when I get a bit hungry before a meal
    Thanks for sharing.

  35. I love Special K products!

  36. I’m going to pick up some of those protein bars and I’m thinking they’re going to taste a lot better than many on the market too.

  37. My SIL would love this.

  38. I’ve really been working on upping my protein lately, it’s essential in weight loss.

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