Super Sunday | Wordless Wednesday Link Up
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Super Sunday | Wordless Wednesday Link Up

Super Sunday

The Super Bowl was on this past Sunday, but the highlight of our day was definitely not the game.  It was time spent with family running in the backyard, playing catch, and eating some great food!  Thank you Uncle J and soon to be Aunt J for the Super day!

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  1. We’re covered in cold and snow right now so I would have LOVED to get out and play!

  2. What a great picture!!

  3. Glad to hear you had a wonderful day with the family.

  4. Lovely capture!! Can really see the movement in the shot.

  5. Beautiful photograph. The rays fall beautifully around your little sports star

  6. Spending time with the family is the best part of any day! :)

  7. Such great memories!!

  8. that is one crazy looking photo. I think it was giving me vertigo.

  9. I totally love this effect! look pretty cool!

  10. Looks like fun..

  11. great pic! sounds like a fun day!

  12. Family time is so great! I love the picture, too!

  13. Family time – especially FUN family time – is way more important than some silly football game!

  14. What a great shot… LOVE it!

  15. Sounds like a fund day, love the picture, really captures the moment!

  16. Love the effects on the photo!

  17. What a fun shot! The highlight of our day was def. not the game either =)

  18. I think you spent the day perfectly then!

  19. No game for us either.. or me anyway!

  20. Awesome picture.

  21. The best part of every super bowl for us has been hanging out with friends and family.

  22. That is such a cool action shot!

  23. I love family fun days!

  24. I wish we could play like that without all the snow we have!

  25. what a cool photo!

  26. Beautiful effect!

  27. wow, this is an amazing picture!

  28. We spent the day at the park! It was SO nice outside that day {as you know}! Such a fun picture!

  29. what a fabulous photo prefect for print

  30. Very cool picture!

  31. That’s a beautiful shot!!!

  32. Nice photo!

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