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A Musical Love Story That Will Send You Someone To LAVA

While we were in San Francisco for the Inside Out Event, I fell in love with a short called LAVA.  Let me set the stage for you. We walked into the theater at Pixar Animation Studios to watch an early screening of Pixars short LAVA and Inside Out. Since Lava is in front of Inside […]

Pixar Inside Out Craft Silhouette

Each of us have emotions inside our head, and Disney Pixar made the most adorable characters in Inside Out to express them.  We follow along as these emotions help Riley through her childhood and now as a young adult.  First there is Joy.  She is cheerful, upbeat and happy. She likes to keep things fun. […]

Inside Out Director Pete Docter and Producer Jonas Rivera

The excitement is building. Only 19 more days until the release of Disney Pixar’s Inside Out!  During the Inside Out Event in March we got to chat with the minds behind it all, Director Pete Docter and Producer Jonas Rivera! Read all about the behind the scenes information that they shared with us! Tell us […]

Inside Out Animation Dailies at Pixar

During our tour at Pixar Animation Studios, we got a behind the scenes look at how animation dailies are done at Pixar.  They took us to a small movie theater that seats probably 50 people or so, that had a swivel chair and computer with a large monitor at the center of the seats.   […]

Inside Look at the Two Worlds of Pixar’s Inside Out

A little over a month ago I was honored to be in San Francisco with an amazing group of bloggers to learn about Disney/ Pixar’s upcoming release Inside Out.   Just being inside Pixar Animation Stuidios was a dream come true, so imagine my excitement when we got an inside look of the animation from the […]

Disneynature Monkey Kingdom Activity Pack and Teachers Guide

Did you know that by watching Disneynature films during opening week ticket sales go toward helping give back to nature? Well they do, and they make a HUGE difference!  Here are just some of the amazing things Disneynature fans have helped make happen! – Over 3 million trees were planted in Brazil’s Atlantic Forest – […]