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Celebrate Halloween Time at Disneyland

Mickey's Halloween Party during Halloween Time at Disneyland

It is no secret that Halloween is one of my favorite holidays.  I think because October is my birthday month and because I had Halloween themed birthday parties when I was a kid.  My parents always made Halloween extra special by making ghosts to put in the trees in our front yard and by making [...]

Fast Fall Crafts for Kids | Toddler Crafts

Easy Fall Crafts for Kids #Toddler #PreSchool #homeschool

Sweet Pea and I have been having a blast together creating fall crafts.  Like my sister, I cannot get enough of this season and all of its beautiful colors.  Here are 6 of our favorite Fall Crafts for Kids! Halloween Bracelets Materials: Green or orange pipe cleaner Trix Cereal Divided Tray (cupcake tin or ice cube [...]

Yummy Halloween Punch Recipe

Yummy Halloween Punch Recipe #Recipe #Halloween

Everything is almost ready for your Halloween party. You have invited the guests, decorated your house, and figured out what food you are going to serve. But what should you drink?!  The drinks that you serve your guests should be just as fun as everything else you have planned.  This yummy halloween punch is the [...]

Jack Skellington No Bake Dessert

Jack Skellington No Bake Dessert #Halloween #Dessert

One of my favorite movies of all time is Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas! I remember seeing it when I was younger and being blown away by the stop motion animation, and still am! This no bake dessert is inspired by the main character Jack Skellington, king of Halloweentown, who goes on a misguided journey [...]

Upcycled Halloween Zipper Pulls | Halloween Craft for Kids

Upcycled Halloween Zipper Pulls | Halloween Craft for Kids

I love making crafts out of everyday items especially ones that we would just throw away.  These Upcycled Halloween Zipper Pulls were made using empty milk jugs, and make the perfect Halloween Craft for kids! Depending on your child’s age, they can create the entire zipper pull on their own or with mom and dads [...]

Halloween Treats | Candy Owl

Halloween Treats | Candy Owl Tutorial

These cute candy owls are an easy and fairly quick candy craft you can make for your kids Halloween party at school or even a owl themed birthday.    I hope you enjoy this adorable Halloween treat! Candy Owl Halloween Treat 4.8 from 5 reviews Candy Owl   Print These candy owls are a very [...]