Toddler Activities Free Printable | ABC's of Toddler Fun
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ABC’s of Toddler Fun | Toddler Activities Free Printable

Rainy day, canceled plans or just want to know some fun toddler activities? Here’s a free printable of more than 60 ideas to keep that adorable toddler of yours learning, exploring and having loads of fun!

Toddler Activities - Free #Printable

Download the Toddler Activities Free Printable here!

ABC’s of Toddler Fun

I hope you and your toddler enjoy these ideas and have tons of fun!


Recent to the blogging world, I'm a new mom finding my way with my little darling Sweet Pea. I enjoy cooking, baking, the great outdoors and everything Baby Girl! Elementary school teacher turned stay at home mom = children's lit lover and craft connoisseur.
Thanks for sharing!
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  1. I no longer have a toddler, but you never know when one may be visiting and need something to do. Thanks for sharing.

  2. It’s amazing how many simple activities can be meaningful and fun for a toddler. This is a great printable with lots of ideas.

  3. Thanks! I’m about to have two toddlers. And they both have very high entertainment/stimulation needs.

  4. This is great. Mine is almost at the age she can do these!

  5. You could even laminate that and mark things off as you did them with a dry erase marker!

  6. PS. Crystal’s household checklist thing made me think of that. ;)

  7. My daughter has always loved printables she just asked me to print some off the other day. Love Liz’s ide of laminating it.

  8. Thanks for this! I’m always looking for ideas.

  9. Great for me to print off when I’m watching my young nephew – I sometimes have trouble keeping him occupied!

  10. My daughter is older but due to developmental delays many of these are still good for her.

  11. This printable has so many great ideas! I’m sharing this with my sister.

  12. I’m always looking for ways to keep my tot busy. Thanks for this!

  13. Pinned this for later. Right now the Little is still eating paper like a billy goat. I have no idea when he’s going to grow out of this phase. sigh.

  14. This is perfect for my nephews, thank you for sharing!

  15. I am going to share this with my sister since my nephew is entering the toddler stage and needs to be occupied and entertained at all times!

  16. I love these type of printables. :)

  17. This is so cute! Thanks for this, I printed it out.

  18. So much fun!! I love it! So many great ideas!

  19. Love this! Its so cute and has so many great ideas!

  20. This is a great idea. I love Liz’s idea of laminating it and crossing things off.

  21. SOOO many ideas! Love this printable. Thanks for sharing.

  22. This is awesome, thanks so much for sharing.

  23. LOVE this — both for my kids AND the toddler class I’m going to be teaching this fall. Eeek!

  24. This is perfect for my friend’s daughter! Thank you so much for sharing!

  25. All mine are past the toddler stage but this is great!!

  26. This is totally perfect for my 3 year old niece!

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