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Lets Talk Toddler Sports – Toddler Soccer | Toddler Talk

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This Week’s Topic: Toddler Sports

This topic is perfect timing for us because Baybah just started toddler soccer a couple of weeks ago.  We decided to have soccer be his first sport because of the nature of soccer.  Baybah has lots of energy, so we figured he would love running around the soccer field and hopefully trying to get the ball into the goal.  We definitely would love to put him in T-ball as well but have decided to wait on that for a year or so.  In Tball there is a lot of waiting your turn, and we are worried Baybah is not ready for that.     He loves to be in the middle of the action.  Hubs has big dreams of Baybah being a baseball players someday, so I know T-ball will come soon enough.

My brother who played soccer from when he was Baybah’s age until college was so excited when he found out Baybah was going to play. He got him the cutest soccer gear to wear to practice.  He also gave us a tip that we would not have known if he did not tell us.  He said to make sure to buy shin guards that also have ankle guards.   My brother said it is especially important at this age to make sure that their ankles are protected.  Here is an example of what they look like.

Baybah has soccer practice twice a week for 30 minutes, and a game every Saturday for the Spring season.  I thought 30 minutes would not be enough time, but let me tell you, after those practices hubs and I are exhausted.  Baybah likes to kick the ball with his team, then run to the playground (hubs and I get him and bring him back), kick the ball with his team, then run over to the T-ball practice (hubs and I get him and bring him back), etc.  It is really cute to watch him play, but you can see why hubs and I are exhausted.  We are hoping that with time and practice Baybah gets better.  After all, he has only had 4 practices.  His first game is on Saturday and I am so excited to see the team in their uniforms and watch them all in action!!  I am sure it is going to be adorable!!


Have you put your Toddler in Sports yet?  If so which ones? Do you have any tips if you did?

Next Week’s Topic: Favorite Toddler Craft/Art Project

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  1. I’m sorry – is he a teenager in that first picture? Crazy how grown up he is!! Love that last shot too!

  2. ahh he looks so cute and thanks for the tip on shin guards. I have really been considering soccer although I don’t think they let them play here until age 4. Might have to check on that.

  3. When my boys were toddlers they played t-ball. My youngest really wants to start playing soccer now.

  4. I’m sorry I missed this yesterday! But, my son (4 1/2) was in soccer during the fall – not sure if he counts as a toddler still..but he enjoyed it, just not that much. He loved t-ball, too!

  5. We did swim lessons for ours last year (then 2 & 3). We will again this year, as well. My only suggestion is pick something THEY like!

  6. Looks like he’s got a great kick there!

  7. I would love for my son to parcipate in soccer, toddlers and sports is awesome! It raises their self esteem, great for their fitness and health, just everything about it is good.

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    Juliana RW

    ps: i can’t find ur ubp 2012 party post??

  9. My son is about to turn 4 in the beginning of May. We are going to be signing him up for his first sport next season. We’re both thinking soccer first, to prepare him for his (OUR) ultimate goal of football!

  10. I’m hoping my little one likes to be active. Too cute!

  11. Adam did soccer last year at 3 yrs old and he was so not into it. I don’t think it was the sport for him, this year we are going to try karate or swim classes but I definitely think toddlers need to be involved in some type of activity!

  12. I remember when my son was 4 and played soccer.. buying those cleats and shin guards, they were so little. :) Looks like he’s enjoying it!

  13. Children this age gain absolutely nothing from engaging in organized sports. They are not capable of understanding rule-bound ADULT games. Your toddler would benefit much more from the provision of extended chunks of time dedicated to unstructured play. Take him to a park and let him explore the nature all around him. He will not have to wait his turn or be told “how” to play. Instead, he will learn about the world around him and the infinite possibilities of his creativity. This sort of activity will allow him to become a capable and confident individual who does not feel pressure to conform to society’s (or his coach/parents)expectations of him.

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