100th Day of School Ideas from PBS Kids
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Top 10 100th Day of School Ideas

PBS KIDS & the problem solving, adorable math-loving duo Peg and Cat from PEG + CAT have shared with us the top 10 ways to celebrate the 100th day of school.

100th Day of School Ideas

Top 10 Ways to Celebrate the 100th Day of School #PBS #PBSKids

What better way to celebrate the 100th day of school than with activities all about the number 100? Below are fun ways the whole family can get together and commemorate the 100th day of learning this year!

  1. Count to 100 by 2’s, 5’s, and 10’s.
  2. String together 100 paper clips
  3. Make a paper chain with 100 links
  4. Make cookies with 100 chocolate chips (10 chips per cookie)
  5. Walk 100 steps
  6. Jump up and down for 100 seconds
  7. Make a painting with 100 dots from a paintbrush or marker
  8. Create a work of art with 100 cotton balls
  9. Make a list of 100 things you are thankful for
  10. Put together a 100 piece puzzle

Additional 100th day of school ideas, games, and activities can be found at www.pbskids.org/peg. Educators can also find classroom activities at www.pbskids.org/learn.


How do your kids celebrate the 100th day of school?!


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  1. I’m pretty sure most years when my daughter was younger that they made the paper chains. I like some of these ideas! I saw someone on Facebook post the cutest “100” decorated donuts that she took to her daughters’ classrooms – they were so cute!

  2. Great ideas! I love the make cookies with 100 chocolate chips idea.

  3. Love the cookie suggestion! My kids all had a fun time celebrating the 100th day of school in their classrooms this week. My son (kindergarten) even had an entire 100 day party!

  4. One of my friends decorated a shirt with her son – they glued on 100 googley eyes and then drew a monster’s head around them. :)

  5. They had to bring in 100 pieces of snack food. And they made a cape and placed a hundred items on it. My daughter did googly eyes on her cape.

  6. My son was talking about this as well, who knew it was such a big deal! Now I do…lol

  7. Fun list! My son only goes to school three days a week so they haven’t quite hit 100 days but these are super fun ideas!

  8. How fun! My son is off track for the 100th day so I don’t know that they will be celebrating it. Sad, right? These are fun ideas though and maybe we could do something at home.

  9. We had our 100th Day of School last friday …. the Kindergarteners celebrated with special crowns and a parade around the block!

  10. Such fun and interesting ideas!

  11. my son has to bring in a baggie with 100 things this tues. thanks for the ideas. he says don’t forget pennies.

  12. Great ideas. Some my daughter isn’t ready for, but some she is :)

  13. We’ve just made pics with cereal in the past. My son loves Peg + Cat. :)

  14. Oooh I know we homeschool, but we are definitely going to give some of these a try. How fun!

  15. I don’t know what my kids did for the 100th day but I do know they gave out 100 calorie gold fish at lunch LOL.

  16. Such cute ideas! My kids are all grown so will have to wait for the grandkids!

  17. These are some great ways to celebrate the 100th day of school! I especially like # 9, listing ways we are thankful.

  18. These are some really fun ideas! Thanks for sharing.

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