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Top 12 Photos of 2011

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It is hard to believe that another year has passed.  And because I am Crazy About My Baybah, I thought I would share with you another year of Baybah’s Best.  But first take a look at  Baybah’s Best from 2010 to see how much he has grown.  I am such a proud mama and feel blessed to have this little man in my life.  So without further ado, here are the top 12 photos of 2011.


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 Top 12 Photos of 2011
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 Top 12 Photos of 2011

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  1. Great pictures!

  2. Those are ADORABLE

  3. Beautiful pictures of a beautiful baby!!!

  4. You take the BEST photos! I love them all but August is my favorite!

  5. Jennifer Hedden says:

    Cute pictures! Happy New Year!

  6. Awesome pictures and what a cutie!!

  7. Adorable! Love the photos! Happy New Year!

  8. These are great I love them, you take beautiful pics.

  9. Molly W.(infertilemommy) says:

    Aw looks like he had a fabulous year!

  10. Zippy Sandler says:

    Those are absolutely gorgeous photos.

  11. Awww, those pictures are all adorable!

  12. He has grown so much over the year! You sure have a cute model to work with!

  13. What a cutie! I love this idea! I may do this on my blog over the weekend! :)

  14. I love him! And his cheesy sweet smile!! Love that we got to spend 2 of those days with you guys! Squishy and Baybah are great buddies – and I am lucky to have you as a friend too!

  15. Those pictures are adorable and so is he!

  16. He’s adorable, and great pictures too!

  17. I just love the one of him running through the sprinkler! All of them are adorable.

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