Valentine for Kids | Edible Play Doh
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Valentine for Kids | ‘Doh’ You Want To Be My Valentine?

edible play doh

EASY and SUPER CUTE Valentine for kids this Valentine’s Day!

I was searching for something age appropriate and fun for Sweet Pea and her friends when I came across a play dough valentine on Pinterest and I knew that was it! I loved the idea and the cute little valentine saying!! However instead of purchasing the premade stuff I would make an edible and non-toxic play dough since everything finds its way into her mouth.  Years ago while working at a summer camp I found a great Kool-Aid play dough recipe so I decided to dig it up. This is perfect but not limited to your age 1-4 year olds that are curious about tasting everything!

Valentines for Kids

Supplies for the Edible Valentine Play Doh:

  • 2 ½ cups flour
  • ½ cup salt
  • 2 (4g) packages unsweetened Kool-Aid powder
  • 2 cups boiling water
  • 3 tablespoons oil
  • Air tight containers
  • Decorative labels


In a bowl combine and blend all dry ingredients. Add oil to boiling water and then transfer to dry mix. Mix with spoon until cool enough to knead. Transfer to counter and knead until color is well blended. Store in air tight containers. Create a label on sticker paper with the saying, “Doh” you want to be my Valentine?

Valentine for Kids

I purchased these very adorable containers at Target for about $3.00 each but a more budget friendly container works well if you’re buying for an entire class. For that I suggest the Gladware set containing 8 4oz mini rounds for under $3.00 per set.

Valentine for Kids

My sister has another recipe for edible clay on her blog made with peanut butter and honey that could also be used!  I hope your little one and his/her friends enjoy creating art with this Valentine as much as mine did.

*Clarification- while this play dough recipe is edible it is not a snack. The ingredients consist of water, flour, salt, and Kool-aid so while these are edible you wouldn’t want your child to have a bowl of the dough.
Also, be aware if your child or Valentine recipient has any allergies to any of the ingredients such as gluten sensitivities. The dough could cause a reaction because of the flour. For a gluten-free recipe try this from


Recent to the blogging world, I'm a new mom finding my way with my little darling Sweet Pea. I enjoy cooking, baking, the great outdoors and everything Baby Girl! Elementary school teacher turned stay at home mom = children's lit lover and craft connoisseur.
Thanks for sharing!
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  1. Love the fun “doh” saying! I used to teach preschool years ago and edible playdough was always a hit with the kids. Great Valentine gift idea!

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  10. these are very cute, but as a mother of a child with gluten allergies, please note that these contain gluten and should not be given to children with gluten sensitivities

  11. This would also make a good end of the year favor at school, for the kids to give to their classmates!

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