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Create a Virtual Baby Book with Blinkbuggy | Apparoo App of the Week

I have partnered with Apparoo to share with you the Apparoo app of the week.

This weeks Apparoo app of the week is a special app for moms called the Blinkbuggy app. Blinkbuggy uses the spirit of a traditional baby book and combines it with the power of technology and the internet to help you create a virtual baby book.  This baby book app is free for a limited time, so download it today!

 Virtual Baby Book App - Blinkbuggy | Apparoo App of the Week

How do we always find time to post super-adorable kid pictures on Facebook, but somehow never get that long-planned baby book done? Well, guilt-trip no more. Blinkbuggy is an online baby book that puts all your photos, milestones and funny stories in one place – and it’s as easy as a status update. You can keep it completely private, link to social media (it can even grab the photos you’ve already posted), or share with whomever you choose – great for grandparents! These precious years will disappear faster than that photo you posted last month, so don’t spend another moment procrastinating. Create an enduring – and endearing – album with Blinkbuggy online and in print! Download it here.

Make a Virtual Baby Book With the Blinkbuggy App!

I am super excited to get Miss B’s virtual baby book started! I am always on my phone adding photos to Instagram or texting my parents pictures.  Why not use the photos and create a baby book for her too?!

Make a Virtual Baby Book With the Blinkbuggy App!

For the next 48 hours the Blinkbuggy app is FREE, so download it today!  —-> DOWNLOAD the Blinkbuggy App

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  1. I’m all about the virtual so love that there is an app like this.

  2. It looks like it will make keeping memories easier! Love this, going to try it out.

  3. I’m so glad that I went back to an Android, because they offer much better apps than the Windows phone! I’ll have to check this out.

  4. That is such a cool app and I am seriously all for anything like this that makes my life easier.

  5. What a cool app, it makes it easy for memory keeping! Love this!

  6. This sounds awesome, I am so behind on doing scrapbooks for my kids. With 5 kids I have only done a few for our 1st child!

  7. This is so cute! And great that it’s being offered free for now.

  8. That’s really cool. It seems there is an app for everything these days!

  9. what a cool looking app. i love sharing pics

  10. Seeing as I am behind THREE baby books… I should really look into this app! Thanks for sharing.

  11. I just discovered Blingbuggy and I think it’s genius. I am SO behind on my daughter’s albums and after the first year I completely stopped. My phone must have 1,000+ photos in it but I never know what to do with them. This is a great idea!

  12. What a fantastic idea! I’m all about my baby, but also want more virtual things that don’t add clutter to our house. This is a perfect fit for me.

  13. This is a great idea! This is so neat. I am way behind, this would help.

  14. What a great app!

  15. Angela S says:

    This sounds like a neat app! I like that you have the option to keep it private or even to share socially.

  16. Maybe if these had been around when my kids were young they’d have one. Sigh. :(

  17. Great app for the digital age!

  18. This sounds like an amazing app, I just love it. Brilliant! My cousin just had a baby earlier this week, I am doing to have to get her to get this app asap! Thanks!

  19. I really need to check out apparoo because it seems like it has some cool apps! I don’t think I would tackle the virtual baby book but that’s because I have two kids and know I wouldn’t follow through with doing it for both of them. LOL

  20. I totally need to do this. I have slacked off with putting together books for my kids over the past 2 years.

  21. What a great app. Looks like a great way to share photos.

  22. Looks like a great app! I bet this will make sharing baby photos and milestones so much easier.

  23. This is great!! I have an 11 month old, and I have such a hard time keeping up with her baby book. I feel like such a terrible Mom. :( I’ll have to look into this asap!

  24. That’s a neat app! Is there a way to back it up to a DVD?

  25. No little ones now but I know a few people who would make good use of it!

  26. This is too adorable!! I will have to show my new-mommy friends!

  27. I think that this is so cool. Perfect for busy moms who want to capture cute pics of their babies

  28. I wish this stuff was around when my daughter was a baby.

  29. What a great app idea! I wish they had something like this when I was pregnant with my twins!

  30. With all our photos digital now, this app is a great resource for parents wanting to have that baby book without the process of printing out things. I’m definitely going to give it a look.

  31. What a neat idea! We are always taking pics from out phone!

  32. I hardly have any picture apps whatsoever. I will have to check this out. Looks super cool!

  33. What a wonderful idea. Great way to save those special photos.

  34. This is such a great idea! I know I would have been more likely to start a baby book for my boys if it had been this easy.

  35. How awesome is that?!?! I am horrible with getting the kids pictures into baby books (what mom has time for all of that)? What a perfect solution!

  36. This is so amazing! It takes the craziness out of keeping a baby book and makes it so easy. Thanks for sharing!

  37. teresa mccluskey says:

    Talk about a great app! I am checking this one out now!

  38. I LOVE THIS!! I had no idea this existed! I am going to grab this app right away. What a great way to keep up with all the photos and have them for the kiddos later, rather then having them all in a folder (messy and unorganized) on my computer!

  39. This is a great idea for an app. I know many new moms that would use this!

  40. My sister is expecting now, so I will have to share this app with her!!! Thanks it sounds super cute!!

  41. Great for busy moms! Love this idea

  42. What a great app! They always come up with cooler things once you’re done having kids! LOL

  43. What a great app! I love how technology is making our lives so much easier!

  44. I do so many things virtually these days, so why not my baby books too. I like this!

  45. Amy Desrosiers says:

    Blinkbuggy is so super cool! I love that I can capture all my kids special moments any time.

  46. This app looks fabulous! I am checking it out right now. My family would really love getting info about my kids this way.

  47. I love this! I actually still have a book I want to arrange from when Bubbles was born and her first year. At least with something like this I could have done a cool version as I went along, having everything all in one place.

  48. They do pass by quick. I tried to keep a scrapbook but couldn’t keep it up after the first year. Love that this simplifies the organizing and sharing of pics.

  49. Seems like an amazing app! I’ll check it out and tell about it to my sister as well ;-)

  50. It’s very cool all of these apps that are free. I might have to check this one out when it makes it to Android. Thanks!

  51. This is neat! I’ve been awful at doing baby books!

  52. Such a great idea for collecting and organizing photos! My girls are older now and I was always really behind on updating their baby books.

  53. Too bad it isn’t on Android yet. I would have loved to download it in anticipation of my grand baby.

  54. It is really incredible the way technology allows us to do so many wonderful things.

  55. Sounds like an awesome app!

  56. I’ve seen this app but haven’t tried it yet. I need to take a look!

  57. I love virtual everything – especially since I am SO bad about printing out pictures. I need to look into this a bit further. Thanks for sharing!

  58. This virtual baby book is a really cool idea. I have some friends I’ll be sharing this with.

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