Want Your Voice Heard? Become a Tastemaker Mom
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Want Your Voice Heard? Become a Tastemaker Mom

I am sharing the attached information as a Tastemaker Mom.

Become a Tastemaker Mom

Are you a mom and want to have your voice heard?  If you answered yes, then join us at Tastemaker Mom!  Tastemaker mom celebrates the power and influence of moms.  They turn the collective voices of moms into real-world action.  This invite only community of moms helps shape the way brands, companies, and causes see the world!

Tastmaker Moms  welcome diversity and celebrate the many ways moms impact their communities whether with girlfriends, at the local groups like your PTA, neighborhood association or professional organizations or through social media and online. 

Is Tastemaker Moms just for bloggers? No!  While they love working with bloggers, they know that most moms are passionate about making the world a better place and shaping the way brands, companies and causes see the world. The goal is to have as large of a collective voice as possible so our influence grows.

What are the benefits of joining?  Tastemaker Mom is  a young but powerful network of moms who care about having their voices heard. The demand has been contagious as this powerful group of proactive moms looking to affect change in the world continues to grow. We work with a wide variety of organizations who are looking to gain insight and feedback from our network of Tastemaker Moms.  As Tastemaker Mom grows, we look forward to working with you to offer ways to connect with other tastemaker moms as well as lending your voice to important causes and more. 

Become a Tastemaker Mom Today!

Visit Tastemaker.com and enter the special invite code: baybahTMM


Lauren is the owner and writer for Crazy About My Baybah. She is a mom that is crazy about her family, art, photography, getting fit, Disney, and living in Las Vegas.

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  1. I love that so many companies are recognizing the power of moms on social media!

  2. Diverse? Let’s see if they let me in! I am in several moms groups, they work the best.
    Thanks for this info!

  3. I’m going to pass this information onto a few moms I know! Thank you!

  4. Cool, I like programs like this! Thanks for sharing, off to sign up!

  5. Definitely checking this out! I love that so many brands are realizing that moms have so much say in products!

  6. What a great idea. I love ways that we can get our voices out as Moms. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Awesome idea. Moms have lots of great opinions and insights!

  8. I signed up a while ago, but don’t think I’ve had any offers from them. I didn’t realize that non blogging moms could sign up too. I’ll have to pass this on to some of my friends!

  9. I am a Tastemaker Mom and have benefited greatly from their program!

  10. I just filled out the questionnaire to join. It sounds promising! Thanks for sharing!

  11. This looks like a great group. I think it is so important to make your voice heard as a mom!

  12. This sounds like an awesome group. I love that companies are recognizing the power of social media and working to use it to their advantage.

  13. I’m sure this network is full of so many unique opinions and points of view!

  14. I just started working with them. They seem like a great network!

  15. I just signed up. Thank you for the invite code, and the information on the site.

  16. This sounds very interesting! Perhaps it’s something I’ll sign up for. I love great programs for social media moms (and dads).

  17. Great information. I have never heard of this but am going to look into it.

  18. Mothers make so many of the purchase decisions for families and businesses. It is great that companies are starting to recognize and appreciate this fact.

  19. Looks like a good program. I will try to remember to pass it along to moms I know.

  20. Sounds like a really great program, and I’m glad that it’s opened up to other moms too…not just bloggers! I’ll have to check them out.

  21. Is it a blogging network? I’m not familiar with it – I’ll have to check it out. :)

  22. I am part of this already, I think. I don’t do anything with it really, I need to try to change that this year!

  23. I’ve never heard of Tastemaker Mom before! Thanks for suggesting this, I am going to sign up!

  24. I’m in the network! I still haven’t really explored it yet, but I’m there!

  25. Interesting concept, but I don’t think it’s for me. I have no babies, besides my dogs and bunnies.

  26. This sounds like a great group. How have I never heard of it before?!?! Headed to the site now!

  27. Ashley M says:

    This looks great. An awesome way for moms and bloggesrs to get their voices heard.

  28. Thanks for this! I just joined. Can’t wait to see what is up next for this site!

  29. I joined a while ago. I haven’t done anything with it yet, so it might be time for me to look at it more.

  30. Nice thank you for sharing, I had looked into this years ago.

  31. Thanks for the invitation to Tastemaker. I signed up with your code.

  32. I need to look into this! Looks like a great opportunity. Lots of mom bloggers out there!

  33. This Tastemaker Mom program sounds great. I will definitely look into it.

  34. I signed up for Tastemaker Mom, but with all that is going on, moving, new school stuff, etc I haven’t gotten around to checking it out. Thanks for the reminder.

  35. Looks like an interesting program! I’d look into it if I had kids! Do dog moms count?

  36. It sounds like an interesting program. I have never tried them before.

  37. Thanks for the invite! I’ll be signing up now!

  38. I like that they care about all moms, not just bloggers

  39. Looks like a great group of women, I will check it out!

  40. Fun! I love these kinds of programs, I’ll have to sign up.

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