Week 3 and 4 of My 365 | Wordless Wednesday #365
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Week 3 and 4 of My 365 | Wordless Wednesday #365

This 365 has been less stressful than my last.  I have not been stressing about getting the “perfect” shot each day using my dslr.  I just want to document her first full year.  If the photos happen on my iphone, great.  If they happen using my dslr, even better.  It is about sharing moments in her life!

Day 22

She sure is sweet! I have to use that high voice to get her to smile, lol.

Day 23

My 365- Baby toes

Teeny tiny toes.

Day 24

Riding along in her pink car with a smile!

Day 25

I love moments like this.

Day 26

My 365- dad and baby

Daddy and his little girl!

Day 27

Poor baby has had tummy problems all day. Finally able to relax. Love those eyelashes.

Day 28

Hard to believe that she will be 7 weeks tomorrow. Slow down time!

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  1. I just love all the photo’s! How precious and you have a beautiful family!!!

  2. She’s so precious! &I just can not get over those toes!

  3. How adorable! I especially love the shot with her hand next to her face, like she’s posing in her sleep.

  4. She is just the cutest little doll, but really? It seems like you just had her. Seven weeks already! Goodness!

  5. What a beauty! I love all the photos, but the b&w closeup is just stunning!

  6. Has it been 7 weeks already? Oh my goodness – the time really has gone by fast! I love the collage at the top!

  7. Such precious pictures! I love those little toes peeking out!

  8. What a sweetheart! She has the cutest cheeks, too!

  9. Teeny tiny toes and cheeks! Awesome, awesome cheeks.

  10. They are all so sweet, but I really love the B&W picture. :)

  11. Love these! I love the baby toes especially…I don’t know what it is about baby toes that is just sooo cute!

  12. She is getting such a personality I so love the toes photo is so precious!

  13. So cute, and it is amazing how much a pic of toes can confer.

  14. Awww, she is so adorable!

  15. She is just so precious! Love all your photos this week. Wonderful memories captured.

  16. She is adorable!!! I bet your are having so much fun with her.

  17. Oh my word she is just too sweet! You are very blessed.

  18. Awww, those little toes! She makes me want to have another baby. Almost. ;)

  19. She’s gorgeous! I love all the photos.

  20. She is so sweet and precious. That outfit with the pink ruffled skirt is so adorable!

  21. omgosh she’s already getting so big. such beautiful photos

  22. I can’t believe it’s been 7 weeks. She’s so beautiful!

  23. So adorable. I love the pictures. So happy for you!

  24. 7 weeks already?!?! She is way too cute!

  25. Those eyelashes!! So absolutely precious.

  26. What a cutie – she’s growing so fast! I hope her tummy problems have settled, poor thing.

  27. I love baby pictures, how cute!

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