Week 7 of My 365 | Wordless Wednesday
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Week 7 of My 365 | Wordless Wednesday

Welcome to week 7 of my 365. Each week I will be sharing photos of Miss B creating a 365 of her first year just like I did with her big brother!

Day 44

My 365- Day 44

Can you believe she is 2 months old?  I want to slow down time and hold her longer.

Day 45

Still not a fan of baths.  So sad, but oh so cute.

Day 46

My 365- Day 46

Doing tummy time with her big brother close behind.  He just adores her.

Day 47

My 365 - Day 47

I could watch her sleep forever.

Day 48

My 365- Day 48

Month two tootsies.

Day 49

My 365- Day 49

Miss B has been sleeping so good for us.  The past couple weeks I have felt like a human again.

Day 50

My 365- Day 50

A very special lovey from some very special people.

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  1. The picture of her face at bathtime…priceless! One day she’s going to so laugh at that :)

  2. For a few minutes I wanted to have another baby. :) She is just beautiful!

  3. She is a darling precious little peanut. So, so pretty!

  4. This is too precious, she is a joy!

  5. So adorable, what an exciting time in your life!!

  6. She is so precious! Love those little toes!

  7. I love baby pictures, these are just precious. What fun you must be having, I can tell you are a proud Mama!

  8. I love seeing how much she grows each week. That photo from Day 46 is absolutely precious.

  9. Day 47 and 48 are PERFECTION! Love baby toes :)

  10. Sleeping babies are beautiful but I love the one with her brother in the back ground

  11. Awww! She’s too preciously cute for words!

  12. Utterly adorable, and look at those cute baby toes! :)

  13. Such sweet photos. :) They make me miss those little baby days.

  14. Hhhaha love the bath photo, that is just priceless!!! What a sweetie pie, thanks for sharing your week photo’s!!!!

  15. She is such a sweetheart! I can’t wait until my little guy is sleeping well too.

  16. I love these posts and that you’ve done this for your children. She’s just beautiful. You’ve done an amazing job taking the photos.

  17. Oh. My. Goodness. These are PERFECT …. and, now I want another. She’s adorable!

  18. She is adorable. The “I hate baths ” face is priceless.

  19. Aww, the face she makes in the bath is priceless. Sweet thing!

  20. Such an adorable baby. She’s so cute!

  21. She is just a doll! Day 46 and 48 tugged at my heart. I miss baby days!!

  22. Love her outfit in the first picture, adorable!

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