What I'm Reading Now | MOMents Vlog
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What I’m Reading Now | MOMents Vlog

I am excited to share with you that I have teamed up with two amazing friends to bring you MOMents Monday! MOMents Monday is a weekly vlog series where we will share all things mom and beyond.  This week we are talking about What I’m Reading Now!  I decided to share not only what I am reading, but also what I am reading my kids!  Check out the vlog below!

What I'm Reading Now | MOMents Vlog


This week’s topic is: What I’m Reading Now!


Make sure to check back each week for a new topic.  And if you have any suggestions for a topic, please let us know.  We would love to hear your ideas.


What are you or your kids reading now?!




Lauren is the owner and writer for Crazy About My Baybah. She is a mom that is crazy about her family, art, photography, getting fit, Disney, and living in Las Vegas.

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  1. Love these vlogs. Great idea for sharing. Good books.

  2. I don’t read, but my kids do. I think the oldest is reading a Diary of a Wimpy Kid book and the little one reads age appropriate books.

  3. I love these books but forgot about them- thanks

  4. Dr Seuss and anything with animals right now. He loves those creepy crawler books

  5. Really loving these vlogs! I’m not currently reading anything right now, but I need to finish my Nick Carter bio book he recently wrote and I’ve had sitting since preordering :/ oops. Usually only reading to my kids or with them when they bring books home or grab on from our pile so I dont really take time to read myself!

  6. I completely LOVE the idea of a vlog! I need to get out of my comfort zone and do it myself!
    We LOVE books and we hit up the library at least ONCE a week!

  7. Red is totally stuck on anything with sharks in it! Also, a vintage copy of The three billy goats gruff.

  8. I’m slowly working my way through the A Song of ice and Fire series. Awesome books!

  9. My kiddos read all of the books! Seriously, chapter, kid books, board books. Where the Wild Things Are has been popular lately.

  10. I love this video series that you all are doing. We are reading Heidi right now. My kids look forward to reading time every evening before bed.

  11. I’m super impressed with your vlogging skills! Nice work!

  12. I’m reading Eat Pray Love for the second time. I loved it the first time and it’s been a couple of years since I last read it so I thought I’d give it a go again!

  13. I like that my oldest is reading Harry Potter so I can read along with him. I’m rereading The Fault in Our Stars right now.

    My boys love Ninjago. There’s a tv show and games, too.

  14. Such a cute video. Surprisingly girls are into Power Rangers right now so we are reading lots of those books from the library.

  15. We’re currently stuck on Thomas the Tank and Dinosuar Train. Currently, I’m not reading anything. I have some things in my queue, just need to take the time at night before bed to get a few pages in.

  16. Well, you know what my kids are reading! I forgot to add Pete the Cat though – they are all obsessed!

  17. Right now I can’t seem to find the time to read. There are lots of books on my list!

  18. we’ve been reading pete the cat (my littlest one, or the big 2 TO her) , my oldest likes andrew clements right now, and anything american girl, my son really likes science books and weird facts.

  19. Thanks for sharing, since I am always looking for new books to try. My oldest is reading Mouseheart and I just finished Safe Haven.

  20. My daughter is loving any kind of Curious George book. This week we have Curious George at the Aquarium because she loves fish!

  21. I like the video! We are reading all sorts of stuff. Our home goes through books pretty quickly.

  22. I love the vlogs! I can’t remember the last time I read a book for myself.

  23. What a cute vlog series! I am reading blog marketing books. Boring, right? :)

  24. This is a great series, really enjoyed the vlog! I love reading.

  25. Great vlog. We are reading: The Fault In Our Stars, Divergent and Blog Inc.

  26. What a fantastic meme you guys came up with! Sometimes blogging just doesn’t cut it so you’ve got to get a little creative and show people the person BEHIND the blog :)

    I’m reading a few books on woman’s reproductive health. I have a lot of issues and I’m determined to not rely on doctors and medicines to help me!

  27. I really need to get my summer reading list together! I am currently reading a book by the same author that wrote Fight Club!

  28. Well, my kids are older but my daughter’s favorite book was (and still is) People by Peter Spier. It’s really just a visual book though but we used to talk about it.

  29. Love the vlog! Tomorrow we are actually headed to the book store to buy a few early reader books for my son. I hope that my kids always love to read!

  30. My son is really into NERDS, My Weird School, and The Origami Yoda series. Oh and we just finished James Patterson’s Treasure Hunters!

  31. I used to read all the time. Now I seem to only read things that appeal to my kids. I can’t wait to have a minute to dig into a good book.

  32. I really love this new series! My son reads so much, but I’d love to start a new list.

  33. I’m reading a Melissa Foster book about the Bradens. My boy is reading The Fault in the Stars.

  34. I love looking at catalogs too!! So much fun!! Those are great books!

  35. My kiddos are reading some fun stuff now. Dottie’s onto Enid Blyton while my son’s attacking anything related to planes, cars, trucks and construction!

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